Swagtron Electric Skateboard – Spectra Advanced

Swagtron Electric Skateboard

Swagtron Electric Skateboard


Spectra Advanced Bluetooth Electric Skateboard

Are you ready for hands free electric skateboarding? This Swagtron Electric Skateboard is an innovative board that allows you to enjoy the mobility and versatility of skateboarding without the effort. First, it uses an advanced artificial intelligence riding system that allows you to control the skateboard with your own body movements. The board learns the way you ride. In short, this is a hands free electric skateboard! Then, it adapts to your unique riding style and posture for an optimal riding experience. The LED indicators tell you how much battery charge is left on the board so you never have to worry about walking home instead of riding . Now, let’s take a closer look at this awesome hands free electric skateboard!

Who is the Swagtron Spectra Advanced Bluetooth Skateboard designed for?

This Swagtron electric skateboard is designed for riders up to 187.4 pounds. This makes it a great option for both kids and some adults.

What is the top speed of the Spectra Advanced Bluetooth Skateboard?

This Swagtron electric skateboard has a top speed of 15.5 mph with a range of 12.4 miles on a full charge.

How much does electric skateboard cost?

The Spectra Advanced is going to run you around 600 bucks.

Swagtron Spectra Advanced Electric Skateboard Specs & Features

  • Bluetooth enabled
  • App Control
  • 3 different speed levels
  • Climbing capability of 15 degrees
  • Carbon fiber uni-body
  • Regenerative hub motors
  • Charge time of  90-120 minutes

Swagtron electric skateboard


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Why should you buy the Swagtron Hands Free Electric Skateboard?

  • Lightweight and durable for easy portability
  • Cool LED lights
  • Bluetooth enabled for easy speed adjustments
  • And most importantly, it’s a hands free electric skateboard!

So what are you waiting for? Get your Swagtron Electric Skateboard today!

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