DTV Shredder – The new off road vehicle

DTV Shredder by DTV Motor Corporation 

DTV Shredder


DTV Shredder by DTV Motor Corporation – the new off road vehicle

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words and looking at this picture of the DTV Shredder, we would definitely have to agree! The DTV Shredder combines the thrill of a skateboard, a dirt bike and a tank (yes, a tank) into one of the most innovative off road vehicles currently on the market. Check out what Street bike Tommy from Nitro Circus has to say about this amazing machine: “The DTV Shredder is an awesome blend of Snowboard + Motocross + Tank.” Okay, so before we go any further let’s check out the DTV Shredder in action!

Check out the DTV Shredder in Action!

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How much does this off road vehicle cost?

As you might expect, the Shredder is not cheap. Buying directly from the manufacturer, expect to pay a little under $5000. However, DTV Motor Corp does offer some financing options to help with managing this high price tag.

What is the top speed of the DTV Shredder?

The top speed of the DTV Shredder is 25 mph.

How big is this ATV?

The DTV Shredder 3rd Generation weighs 250 pounds. Here are its other dimensions:

  • Length – 43 inches
  • Width – 27.25 inches
  • Height – 23 inches

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