Razor A5 vs A6 Comparison Review

Razor a5 vs a6

Razor a5 vs a6Razor, one of the top manufacturers of extreme sports toys and gear for kids also makes some great kick scooters that are suited well for both kids and adults.  This post is focused on just 2 of them though, the Razor A5 vs A6.  At the onset, the A5 and A6 look pretty similar.  We’ll do a quick comparison review of the two scooters and let you decide which might be best for you.

Scooter Brakes

Both the A5 and A6 come with the rear fender brake.  It’s the same braking system that most that have used scooters are accustomed to.  The brakes are operated by stepping down on the rear fender which acts as a friction brake on the rear wheel.  The best part is it’s effective and simple.

Who is the Razor A5 and A6 recommended for?

Again, both of these scooters are designed for similar riders.  They are both recommended for riders ages 8 and up and can carry a max weight of 220 pounds.  Basically they are built not only for your kids but for your teens and even adult riders.  These scooters are for just bout everyone.

What size are the Wheels of the Razor A5 vs A6

The Razor A5 Wheels are large 200 mm (about 8 inches) spoked wheels.  The Razor A6 has the largest wheels of Razor’s scooter line with 250 mm  (10 inch) spoke wheels.  Both the 8 inch and the 10 inch wheels are considered larger wheels for kick scooters.  Some ask if the wheel size makes a difference.  Short answer, Yes.  Here’s a few reasons why.  Larger wheels provide for a smoother ride.  You probably already know this but compare what you know about riding a skateboard and how small the wheels are and how often you might get stopped in a crack or a small rock compared to riding a bike.  It doesn’t happen.  The larger the wheel the smoother it will rider over those rough surfaces.  Because of that you can also expect better shock absorption when you do hit a bump in the road.  Larger wheels also provide a longer glide distance per push which means less effort as you are cruising down the street.

What it the handlebar height?

When comparing the handlebar height of A5 vs A6 we find another similarity in that like most scooters the handlebar height is adjustable.  The A5 handlebar goes as high as 38 inches while the A6 handlebar height tops out at 42 inches.  It may not seem like a big deal but getting the right height can make a difference in the comfort of your ride.  If you or your kid who you are going to purchase one of these scooters for is pretty tall you may want to consider the A6.  Who would want to ride around having to hunch over a bit because you outgrew the scooter?

Is there a kickstand?

Yes, both the Razor A5 and A6 scooters come with a kickstand.

Which costs more the A5 or the A6?

You can find good deals on both the Razor A5 and the Razor A6, but the A5 tends to be the more economical choice.  You can check the current price of each on the links below.

Razor A5 Adult Kick Scooter

Razor a5


Razor A6 Adult Kick Scooter

Razor a6 adult kick scooter


Are there other versions of the Razor A5 and Razor A6 Scooters?

For the Razor A6 there is only one version of the scooter, so what you see is what you get there.  The Razor A5 on the other hand has a few different models.  The one featured in the comparison of the A5 and A6 is the Razor A5 LUX Scooter which tends to be the lowest price of the A5 Models.  There are 3 additional models of the A5 listed below.

Razor A5 DLX Scooter

Razor a5 DLX Scooter



Razor A5 Prime Scooter

Razor a5 Prime Scooter



Razor A5 Air Kick Scooter

Razor a5 Air Scooter


Thanks for stopping by to check out our comparison review of the Razor A5 vs A6 adult kick scooters.  Razor makes a bunch of great products in addition to kick scooters.  If you like the scooter line you might want to check out Razor’s best electric scooters.  They are pretty cool too and you don’t have to waste all that energy kicking your way around town.

If like the electric toys for your kids you might want to check out Razor’s Electric dirt bikes or maybe the electric go karts. They make some pretty cool ones there too while keeping the prices pretty affordable.

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Razor A5 vs A6 Comparison Review

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