Swagtron Swagger 1 Adult Electric Scooter

swaggtron swagger 1 adult electric scooter


Swagtron Swagger 1 Adult Electric Scooter Review

Ever wanted to relive that 90s nostalgia? Well what could be a more quintessential aspect of it than the classic electric scooter?!?! Still, there is no reason to have to break the bank every time we want to live out some feature of our childhood.  This is why Swagtron has released the Swagger 1, this insanely fun but also insanely cheap electric scooter for adults.

Who is the Swagtron Swagger Electric Adult Scooter for?

Who its for is right there in the name, this is an excellent cheap electric scooter for adults that is capable of supporting up to 250lbs.

What is the top speed of the Swagtron Swagger Adult Electric Scooter?

The Swagtron Swagger 1 Electric Scooter has a top speed of 15mph.  As a result, it may not be the perfect replacement for your current vehicle but would be a fun addition to it!  For short trips around the neighborhood this is perfect.

How much does the Swagger 1 Adult Electric Scooter cost?

This model of electric scooter from Swagtron is going to allow you an excellent way to get around without breaking the bank. Prices vary depending on whether or not there’s a sale so we recommend you check the current price on Amazon. That said this electric scooter is more on the economical side and usually with free shipping included.  This model is absolutely leading the electric scooter field when it comes to price. This cheap electric scooter for adults is going to give you the most bang for your buck and provide and incredible cost to quality value.

Swagtron Swagger Adult Electric Scooter specs & features:

  • 250-watt motor
  • Max speed of 15mph
  • Range of 4 to 15 miles
  • Quickly folds for easy storage
  • Control panel to check speed & battery life
  • Ultra-lightweight carbon fiber construction
  • 100% electric eco-friendly scooter with zero emissions produced
  • UL 2272 safety certified

There is no way you can let this steal get away from you!

The price to product ratio for an electric scooter has never been lower than it is for the Swagtron Swagger Electric Scooter. Consequently, this is the perfect scooter for making a quick trip to the gas station to grab some snacks or just for cruising around the neighborhood. It’s an eco-friendly transportation method for the environmentally conscious.  There’s no longer any need to start up the gas guzzler for a short trip and you’ll have 10x the fun showing off your swagger on the way there anyways!

swaggtron swagger 1 adult electric scooter with packaging



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